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Welcome to the Street Combat System website.

Street Combat System is the art and science of conflict resolution, through psychological, physical and personal development Strategies.

SCS is training system that is designed for effective self protection (realistic self defence), physical and mental conditioning (fitness and mental improvement), to teach mixed martial arts and also for personal development. You can find all the important information on this main page here, such as class times, prices, news etc and indepth information on the links above. If you have any other questions feel free to email or text.

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The Aim of Street Combat System is to teach conflict resolution and combatives through safe training, play and personal development.

Give us a call if your work or school could benefit from a self protection and conflict management seminar.

Important News

SCS reaches its ten year anniversary of freedom and realistic training, celebrating in style with cake! Check out our Facebook for more photos and Ninja rants about killing Kafdo, beating up old boxers, and creed jacking😎. John "Ninja" Black highlight reel on instructors page, for your amusement and his vanity! Don't forget to look up the bloopers as well:P 


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Your first 3 weeks of training with the public classes are absolutely free! After which Thursday class is £5 for the session. Spectating is always free!

Worried about zombie apocalypse? Train with the people that have been there and done that!:P