Street Combat System Thursday nights

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Street Combat System Thursday nights

Thursday nights fight club at St Margarets church hall runs from 2000 till 2130.  The classes are run anarchistically- which means people choose what they want to do, without having set lessons and exercises they have to stick to. This means they can concentrate on the areas they want to improve most in, and do what they enjoy the most. Its all well training and drilling constantly to achieve perfection, but your martial art should be fun too! Playing, makes learning easier and faster regardless of rules or not. Everyone is welcome to come watch, hit or swing on the bags, spar or wrestle right away, or ask Ninja for a lesson or a spar. Everything is permitted!

Kids (and "adults") playing in class

getting up from the floor in street self protection


There is a variety of equipment and bags for drilling kicks, knees, elbows, hand combinations and floor strikes

Mixed sessions, students choose what they want to learn and work on in class. Here we see stand up fighting, ground work, and street self protection

Strategic boxing, no concussions. Here we fight smart. In the back, rope swing course, sword sparring, mma sparring, and self defence shredding... Everything is permitted! 


Fitness and pad work