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Who teaches SCS?

Supreme Ninja/ Head Instructor/ Chief Babysitter

John "Ninja" Black- Founded Street Combat System in 2008 to give himself and others a truly free place to practice realistic self defence and combatives. Tired of the traditional, and even modern class environments and methods, as well as the restrictive rules and training regimes. SCS is a playground or fight club for armed and unarmed combative training, a safe one without the injuries and ego driven sparring seen so often in other clubs.

John studied conflict resolution and martial arts obsessively since childhood and began training early in numerous martial arts and military systems, including philosophy and psychology as they relate to warrior culture and conflict. Since childhood, like so many kids inspired by Bruce Lee, and fictional vigilantes, it began with traditional Karate, but quickly moved on to numerous other styles and systems over the years, learning and adapting with experience essential concepts and strategies from: free style Karate, Kempo, Aikido, Traditional Jujitsu, Thai boxing, Ninjitsu, Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun, Combat Submission Wrestling, MMA, as well as physical culture, and yoga. Having started teaching at 16 (almost twenty years ago) he still learns and trains regularly on his own, with SCS, and also with MMA clubs in Aberdeen. He has worked for the past 12 years in the private security industry; guarding, intervening and investigating, starting as a Door Supervisor (bouncer) in Aberdeen at number of  venues in the city. He also teaches Self Protection, Restraint courses, Mixed Martial Arts (or competitive fighting), as well as complete body health and fitness, from nutrition to emotional health and well being as a Cognitive Behaviourial Therapist. He has enjoyed teaching individuals from a wide range of back grounds, from complete novice, to other competitive fighters, security and armed forces professionals. His passions are problem solving, playing, reading and discussing, learning and evolving. Basically, a Ninja for hire.


Highlights from Ninjas MMA career (as well as bloopers) can be watched here, demonstrating useful winning strategies not just for competitive mixed martial arts matches, but also for ruleless scenarios. Feel free to check out his other videos, combatives and movement related.