Private/ Small Group Sessions

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Private and Small Group Sessions

Private sessions are available for one on one or small groups with SCS Head Instructor John Black. John has quite a few years experience teaching and training conflict management, martial arts, adventurous skills (such as climbing and Japanese weaponry), and in philosophy, life skills and cognitive behavioral therapy. Sessions are tailored to each individual or group based on their needs and goals. Whether that be confidence and skill in conflict management, improvement in martial arts and physical culture as well as health and fitness, or personal development through talking and cognitive behavioral therapy. Get in contact via email or phone if you'd like to discuss private sessions for yourself or a small group.




The home dojo has hanging for a large punchbag, and is equiped for Pad work, Sparring, Ground defence and Weapons training. The matted area is approx 3M by 4M making it ideal for one on one tuition. The matting is also excellent for takedowns and other ground techniques, cushioning all impact.

Fight and news pictures and clippings, fighter archetypes and influences

Private tuition is highly recommended for those wishing to get to grips with their personal safety, and is an excellent way to access the wealth of experience and knowledge John has on martial arts, combat and fitness training. Private tuition can be booked via email at: or by texting or phoning 07761 462 560